1.0.0 (2019-12-12)


  • As a user, I can remove all repository container content with [“*”] #5756
  • Enable users to disable the token authentication from the settings #5796
  • As a user I can manage images in OCI format. #5816


  • Allow users to provide fully qualified domain name of a token server with an associated port number #5779

Improved Documentation

  • Add note about access permissions for private and public keys #5778

1.0.0rc1 (2019-11-18)


  • No duplicated content can be present in a repository version. #3541
  • Convert manifests of the format schema 2 to schema 1 #4244
  • Add support for pulling content using token authentication #4938
  • Store whitelisted tags in a list instead of CSV string #5515
  • Make repositories “typed”. Repositories now live at a detail endpoint. Sync is performed by POSTing to {repo_href}/sync/ remote={remote_href}. #5625
  • Added v2s2 to v2s1 converter. #5635


  • Fix using specified proxy for downloads. #5637

Improved Documentation

  • Change the prefix of Pulp services from pulp-* to pulpcore-* #4554

Deprecations and Removals

  • Change _type to pulp_type #5454

  • Change _id, _created, _last_updated, _href to pulp_id, pulp_created, pulp_last_updated, pulp_href #5457

  • Remove “_” from _versions_href, _latest_version_href #5548

  • Removing base field: _type . #5550

  • Sync is no longer available at the {remote_href}/sync/ repository={repo_href} endpoint. Instead, use POST {repo_href}/sync/ remote={remote_href}.

    Creating / listing / editing / deleting Container repositories is now performed on /pulp/api/v3/repositories/container/container/ instead of /pulp/api/v3/repositories/. Only Container content can be present in a Container repository, and only a Container repository can hold Container content. #5625

4.0.0b7 (2019-10-02)


  • Fix a bug that allowed arbitrary url prefixes for custom endpoints. #5486
  • Add Docker-Distribution-API-Version header among response headers. #5527


4.0.0b6 (2019-09-05)


  • Add endpoint to recursively copy manifests from a source repository to a destination repository. #3403
  • Add endpoint to recursively add docker content to a repository. #3405
  • As a user I can sync from a docker repo published by Pulp2/Pulp3. #4737
  • Add support for tagging and untagging manifests via an additional endpoint #4934
  • Add endpoint for copying all tags from a source repository, or specific tags by name. #4947
  • Add ability to filter Manifests and ManifestTags by media_type and digest #5033
  • Add ability to filter Manifests, ManifestTags and Blobs by multiple media_types #5157
  • Add endpoint to recursively remove docker content from a repository. #5179


  • Allow Accept header to send multiple values. #5211
  • Populate ManifestListManifest thru table during sync. #5235
  • Fixed a problem where repeated syncs created invalid orphaned tags. #5252

4.0.0b5 (2019-07-04)


  • Add ‘Docker-Content-Digest’ header to the response headers. #4646
  • Allow docker remote whitelist_tags to be unset to null. #5017
  • Remove schema1 manifest signature when calculating its digest. #5037

Improved Documentation

  • Switch to using towncrier for better release notes. #4875
  • Add an example to the whitelist_tag help text #4994
  • Add list of features to the docker landing page. #5030



  • Enable sync from registries that use basic auth or have private repos
  • Enable on_demand or streamed sync
  • Enable whitelist tags specification when syncing
  • Compatibility with pulpcore-plugin-0.1.0rc2

Comprehensive list of changes and bugfixes for beta 4.


  • Enable sync from gcr and quay registries
  • Enable support to handle pagination for tags/list endpoint during sync
  • Enable support to manage a docker image that has manifest schema v2s1
  • Enable docker distribution to serve directly latest repository version

Comprehensive list of changes and bugfixes for beta 3.


  • Compatibility with pulpcore-plugin-0.1.0rc1
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Add support for syncing repo with foreign layers
  • Change sync pipeline to use Futures to handle nested content
  • Make Docker distributions asyncronous
  • Add support to create publication directly


  • Add support for basic sync of a docker repo form a V2Registry
  • Add support for docker/podman pull from a docker distbution served by Pulp